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We produce straight-pull rifle

HSS .308 Win.

HMS .30-06 Spr.; 8x57 IS

Straight-pull rifle


HSS  .308 Win.
HMS .30-06 Spr.; 8×57 IS


We also offer wooden straight-pull rifles in left-handed versions to order.

The shooting accuracy is in the range of 21-27 mm at 100 m with a weapon that fired 2,500 rounds.


A.E.Precision s.r.o.

A.E.Precision s.r.o." was founded in August 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia, as a company specialising in the production of metal parts with high precision manufactured on CNC machines. Later, after obtaining the relevant license, the scope of the company was narrowed down to the production of parts for civilian handguns.

In the second half of 2021, the company acquired a license for the production of weapons according to the drawings of Steel Action GmbH from Cologne and began to produce its own range of weapons. The license includes the possibility to manufacture the entire production of "Steel Action GmbH" ( The peculiarity of these products is that they belong to the class "Straightpull - rifles" with the movement of the bolt only along the line of the shot without turning around it (straight pull bolt); the design of the holster includes a "Picatinny" rail.

Currently, production is fully underway, tests have been completed and a certificate has been issued for the production and sale of the HSS series (A.E. Precision) .308 Win. and derived lines and also the line of calibres HMS Caliber Series .30-06 Spr.; 8 X 57 IS (Certificate). Stocks can be walnut (lacquered or oil-finished) or plastic. Plasmonitrided barrels manufactured by Lothar Walther Feinwerkzeugbau GmbH are used, accuracy when shooting at 100 m - up to 21-27 mm (Test report).



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A.E.Precision s.r.o.
Hala Basso
Priemyselná 5863,
901 01 Malacky

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A.E.Precision s.r.o.
Martina Granca 19
841 02 Bratislava
Slovak republic

ID: 52 537 455
VAT: SK2121071106

Registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, Insert number: 139567/B

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